Hello and welcome to Brains Unite!

This website is a collaborative project where a diverse group of bloggers will share their opinions and thoughts on various topics. Each month, they will be presented with a random subject which they are required to use as the basis and influence of their monthly post. Of course, all participants are free to interpret the topic in whatever way they choose and present their post however they feel appropriate.

For more information about Brains Unite, for example, its purpose and goals, visit the about page of this blog. Else, you can check out our latest posts here.

Lastly, anyone who’s interested in joining this project and taking part can do so by filling out the contact form and giving a reason as to why they want to be a part of this initiative.




Blog Posts

This is where all of the latest posts will be published! The theme of the month for August 2017 is ‘The Future of Transportation‘ – you can find posts based on this topic by clicking the relevant category. Alternatively, there are other, random posts that some authors feel the need to bring to discussion on this blog – these posts can be found by clicking the ‘Random Thoughts’ category.



To sum it up in a sentence, this website is a platform on which a collaborative project will be showcased. The concept is simple: every month, a group of contributors will receive a random topic which they have to use to influence some content they want to create. Then, this content will be published on the website for everyone to view.

The main aim of the initiative is to collectively showcase the different interpretations and thoughts on the ‘topic of the month’ in order to create an environment where a focused, monthly discussion can take place between authors of posts and followers of the blog.

Anyone is welcome to contribute and share whatever stance they may hold on the subject in question – this will enable everyone involved to benefit from the experience; essentially, our goal is to create a learning experience for readers rather than simply providing them with a source of information.



Fill in the contact form below if you’d like to be an author or contributor to this project. In addition, you can also leave a comment if you have any thoughts on the project which you’d rather privately disclose.